Let’s pretend it’s asleep


WindowSlowly he smiled as he saw her silhouette across the smoke covered room. She appeared to be drinking a cup of hot steaming coffee.

Just yesterday, they met at the white house. You know, the one on the market soon to be sold? The one  with its ship-lap exterior – circa 1950’s?

As they entered the house, they both noticed the heart of pine flooring. The smell of freshly mopped floors with a bit of apple cider vinegar and water. This combination left behind a sheen on the wood, and the rooms smelled fresh and clean. The smell reminded them both of an earlier summer. It’s as if someone had left the windows open on a summer day and allowed the breeze to blow through the fresh smell of blooming jasmine, honeysuckle and roses.

It was about 3 p.m. in the afternoon and the sunlight filled the living room. All that remained in the beautiful bungalow was a rattan arm chair, white wooden dining table, brass floor lamp with an ivory silk bell-shaped lampshade complete with a foot operated nightlight floor switch. Above the fireplace mantle, a few houseplants – two African Violets, one – white, the other, purple, a small green fern, and a well-tended purple shamrock.

Waltz Clipart

He asked her to hold her arms out as he placed one hand gently on her waist and he began to hum a waltz. Guiding her with his hands, they danced! All other thoughts abandoned, but this one moment in time. Just as they were finishing their waltz, his phone began ringing in his coat pocket. She asked, aren’t you going to answer it? He replied, let’s pretend it’s asleep.

2 thoughts on “Let’s pretend it’s asleep

  1. What a wonderful story, and as always your writing really makes the story visual and engages all the senses. I can smell the floor and the honeysuckles and see the interior of the home. Really visceral. Love it!

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