Invisible/Visible Me Writing Project

Online Invisible/Visible Me Writing Project

 Being seen and heard are like light shining through a glass window pane. ~ A. Adams

Invitation for women and men ages 18 & up to share their voices to two Writing Prompts. If interested, please read and follow the prompts below. Complete the Authorization Form and email them back to me.  Your voice matters.

This exercise is more about voice, than critique of writing. Participants are given the opportunity to be anonymous when your writing is published. I ask that you meet the criteria as noted in the Submission guidelines below including honesty and authenticity.  Complete the RELEASE form as instructed. Thank you! I look forward to hearing and sharing your voice!

Goal: 50 voices – let’s be heard!

A. Adams |


(copy and paste the following correspondence into your Word document, if you have difficulty doing so, please email me for a clean MSWord.doc or MSWord.docx form)

 Seeking Submissions!

‘Invisible/Visible Me’ Study Project 

by Anita Adams

Objective: To publish a book of women’s and men’s voices to two specific writing prompts.

Criteria:  Must be 18 years of age or older, female/male/transgender

This invitation for submissions asks the Writer to respond to two writing prompts with thoughtful, honest abandon as a poem, short story, essay or statement.

Writing Prompts:

Prompt 1 – When was the first time you felt invisible?
Prompt 2 – When was the first time you felt visible?
Word Count for combined prompts: 3,000 words max.

Word Count for one prompt: 1,500 words max.

Number to be interviewed:  50 women & men ages 18 & up

Documentation to be published:

  • Name of Writer (in whatever manner the Writer chooses – Anonymous IS acceptable)
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Title of essay, short story, poem or statement
  • Region or Country where Writer grew up

Authorization/Release Form: Release Form must accompany Writing. Complete, sign and return the Authorization/Release Form for publication purposes (to be sent separately via email).

Publishers to be considered:  AWA Press, Hazelden, Alfred A. Knopf, Self-Published

Complete attached RELEASE FORM for publication purposes. When Writing and Authorization to Publish are complete, please email both to:

Please respect the originality and personal property of this project to be solely that of Anita Adams aka AAdamsLLC. All communication and offers to assist with its fruition should be directed to  Anita Adams Thank you.

Invisible/Visible Me Study Project 


I, ______________________________________, give Anita Adams aka AAdamsLLC permission to publish my essay, short story, poem or statement.

I, ______________________________________, give Anita Adams aka AAdamsLLC  permission to publish my name as I have noted below, age, gender, ethnicity, region or country of childhood.

Name as you wish to have it published: _____________________________________

__________________ (Anonymous)

Essay, Short Story, Poem or Statement title: ______________________________________________________________________________

_____‘Invisible Me’      _____ ‘Visible Me’   _____ Combined

Age: ________________       Region/Country: ____________________________________

Gender: _____________ Ethnicity:_______________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________________

Signed by: ___________________________________________        Date: ______________

Please return your signed and completed Authorization/Release Form with your Essay, Poem or Statement to: with subject line completed as: Invisible Me Study Project”.

Thank you!