Dream Journaling

Inspiration comes in many forms. Writing can be spurred by a simple word, a melody, the light, sound, or dream.

Dreams, like thick clouds, roll in and what emerges is only really to known to the unconscious.

Clouds Grandfather Mountain

Last night I dreamt I had moved to a very large home full of glass and partly furnished. My husband and I were asleep in a very cozy bedroom, when during the course of the evening, I decided to get up and move to another room and there I found another place to lie down. As I slept, another dream awoke me, and I noticed the light outside this room passing buses and trains were stopping in front of the glass windowed house. The windows and doors were floor to ceiling. People were getting off the buses and trains and it appeared they may come inside as if I were in some other type of building, instead of a home. When I awoke, a feeling of being caught up in a whirlwind of unknowns and mystery enveloped me momentarily.

Through my earlier years of study regarding dream analysis, I was told dreaming of home is always your body and where you are in the home relates to different parts of your body. The attic for example is upper consciousness, the basement, darkest secrets. I was in a bedroom, now in a building that could be interpreted as undergoing a renovation in a town I did not recognize, much like the town I live in now. What once once a small town has now quadrupled in size and the country is nature is always calling me.

What do your dreams tell you?


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