Remembering a Death

dying feels like drowning

the body slows down

listening for the breath

listening to the heatrbeat

drenched in sweat

longing for oxygen

struggling silently to breathe

all the while there are those around them – praying, comforting, believing they are ready to let go, telling themselves that this is the way he or she would want to go

gurgling, heart pounding, seeking oxygen

here comes another shot of morephine

asking themselves while holding their breath is this when he/she will let go

is this really how he/she or I would really like to let go

a hole is inside of me – my breath is shallower than normal, I have to remember to breathe

she said she was ready

he never said so in those concrete words I’m ready to go

he blew kisses instead as we said goodnight.

©Anita Adams

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