Where’s Winter?

Here in Applachia …

land of heavy snowfalls, frost, rime ice and mistletoe

winter seems to have passed us by returning to Spring

daffodils and irises are sprouting through the brown, soggy ground

record rainfalls, fog and plenty of clouds

Where’s winter asks the worms as they squirm along the pavement looking for their home in the darkness of the earth

Where’s winter asks the fish in the pond as they swim around, confused by warm temperatures, sunshine, short days and rain

Where’s winter asks the trees as they sway back and forth confused by the winds of an early Spring…instead of Winter’s frozen ground

Where’s winter asks the farmers as their fields begin to sprout

Where’s winter asks I as I look about?

© Anita Adams 1/2019

Memory Balloon

Unpleasant as it may be, the memories of one’s past can be buried deep inside, and some-

  • thing
  • word
  • one
  • fragrance
  • experience

… can bring a memory to the present

to be healed

to be released …


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Imagine a balloon, red, blue, yellow or green.

Open the mind.

Place the memory inside.

Tie the memory balloon with string and knot.

Now, let it go! 

It does not serve me anymore, or anyone I know.

After all, it’s a memory balloon, and must be let go!

©Anita Adams 2018

Dream Seeker


Dreams, like clouds

visible to the eye

just out of reach

time to pull the clouds down

step on them like a magic carpet

flying high above the pines

to foreign lands and islands

painting rainbows in the sky

smiling all the while

until my heart calls me back to the ground

to play in the sand

find my oak tree

and lay my head down

© Anita Adams 2018