Love and Loss

Someone once asked Where does love go when the lights go out?

Love is love – it’s an action – it’s a dance – it’s a balancing act

Loss brings one to their knees – to the ground – spinning them around

Love is loss turned inside out and upside down

Where does love go when the lights go out?  To sleep I imagine – to dream – to hope and believe.

©Anita Adams

FLAMING JUNE by Frederic Leighton 1895

Flaming June

AWA Women’s Study Project

 cropped-window-light-iii.jpgInvisible Me Study by Anita Adams – first conceived in 2015, rev. 2017

 Objective: To give women of all ages, ethnicity, economic, educational or sexual orientation an opportunity to be heard either by poem, quote, short story, prose or statement a voice using the AWA (Amherst Writers & Artists workshop method), or by an invitation and agreement to share their voice in response to two Writing Prompts.

Number to be interviewed:  Interview 50 women ages 18 & up

Documentation Noted/Published:

  • Name of Writer (in whatever manner the Narrator/Writer chooses)
  • Age
  • Statement/Poem/Prose/Short Story
  • Ethnicity
  • Region or Country where Participant grew up.

Authorization/Release Form: Complete, sign and return the attached Authorization/Release Form for publication purposes (to be sent separately).

Publishers to be considered:  AWA Press, Hazelden, Alfred A. Knopf, Self-Published

Contact for AWA Prompts:

Please respect the originality and personal property of this project to be solely that of Anita Adams aka AAdamsLLC. All communication and offers to assist with its fruition should be directed to Anita Adams first. Thank you.

July 4th

Signed - What It's All AboutTradition


Family Reunions



Games and Barbecues

Hot, steamy, humid afternoons

Time for a swim in a creek, river or backyard bin

When Americans immigrated from all  corners of the world collide and celebrate the freedoms we have with one big grin.

Today we don’t celebrate quite the same, the America I know is divided, Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Unaffiliated, White or Black, Woman or Man, Child or Adult and so many other prejudices I care not to name their parts.

What holds me in Gratitude, is Faith. A Faith that God exists and will prevail over the injustices of this country and world. Peace will once again settle in all of our bones and hearts.  Until then, I will continue to share the peace and love planted in my heart so long ago with all of those I meet through writing and art.

Peace. Shalom. Heiwa, Pace, Paix, Sholem, Beke, Pax, Paz, Frieden


Life is so Full

Interesting Lines and Unknown Woman

Life is so full…

..full of details

..of the doing.

Scheduling time for self appears to be elusive, but necessary.

Where does the time go?

Shopping, cleaning, driving, creating, writing, managing finances, working, remembering others, giving back, in contemplation and prayer, planning, scheduling, creating art while pushing a grocery cart.

Wherever time takes me – that’s where I am. I am here., therefore, God is here too.

Breathe. Believe. Play. Laugh. Pause – because this is the way.  The way to the heart. The way to balance it all.

One day life will not be so full.

That day is not today.

© Anita Adams