Max Patch Sunset

As the hour approaches, the reality of your physical self no longer present here on this earth floods me with memories and tears that know all too well the anguish you must have been feeling before you let go your last breath.

You were loved. You were beautiful. You were admired. You were creative. You were larger than your tall frame. You were Sunset on earth.

I will miss you my friend. My heart aches.

Although I am not there physically with all the rest who love you, Willie sings in the background Stardust.

Rest in Peace Sister Moon.

Love, Anita

Beautiful Sunset

Love and Loss

Someone once asked Where does love go when the lights go out?

Love is love – it’s an action – it’s a dance – it’s a balancing act

Loss brings one to their knees – to the ground – spinning them around

Love is loss turned inside out and upside down

Where does love go when the lights go out?  To sleep I imagine – to dream – to hope and believe.

©Anita Adams

FLAMING JUNE by Frederic Leighton 1895

Flaming June