Planting dreams

A note card sits on my desk. Its message reads Only when she stopped hanging on so tightly did she begin to fly. 

Flying Dream Card

It serves as a reminder to me that my dreams, deserve my attention. The dream is much like a seed planted in rich soil. It requires enough water and sunshine to grow, enough love to see it through. Oxygen and breath are also a necessity. As well as, some thoughtful pruning to bring it to fruition.

Dreams will bloom just like the seed planted carefully in the soil. Imagine a blue bird with gold seeds on its back. These seeds carry in them specific dreams unique for each of us.

My one legged friend sea bird

Look for the gold seed.  In it, is your dream. Plant it and watch it grow into the dream you’ve always known. Time to fly. Dream within our hearts. Dream within our souls.

Signed - Field of Sunflowers

©Anita Adams 2018


In search of joy

Asking and receiving

through prayer and meditation

Noticing when it’s here

with eyes open

How to step into it

by dropping all else and being fully present in the moment

To recognize it

and open my eyes and heart wide

To feel it deep within my being

and stay with it as long as possible

To embrace it with my whole being

as I would any friend or loved one

As if … I were a child again

© Anita Adams 2018

Molly at Max Patch

God whispers



I’m here

in the breath, in the soul, in the strangers smile, story untold

trust me with everything

the tasks that are before you, your health, happiness and wealth

I love you ..really

not only when you are happy, also when you are sad or mad

don’t wait to talk to me, I’m always here

pray about everything and everyone 

then let it or them go

talk to me

anytime, about anything or anyone

I’m your friend

do care for you, your friends, family, the earth, the air

you can trust me with everything and everyone

Always,  I am here

@Anita Adams 2018

Remembering a Death

dying feels like drowning

the body slows down

listening for the breath

listening to the heatrbeat

drenched in sweat

longing for oxygen

struggling silently to breathe

all the while there are those around them – praying, comforting, believing they are ready to let go, telling themselves that this is the way he or she would want to go

gurgling, heart pounding, seeking oxygen

here comes another shot of morephine

asking themselves while holding their breath is this when he/she will let go

is this really how he/she or I would really like to let go

a hole is inside of me – my breath is shallower than normal, I have to remember to breathe

she said she was ready

he never said so in those concrete words I’m ready to go

he blew kisses instead as we said goodnight.

©Anita Adams

July 4th

Signed - What It's All AboutTradition


Family Reunions



Games and Barbecues

Hot, steamy, humid afternoons

Time for a swim in a creek, river or backyard bin

When Americans immigrated from all  corners of the world collide and celebrate the freedoms we have with one big grin.

Today we don’t celebrate quite the same, the America I know is divided, Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Unaffiliated, White or Black, Woman or Man, Child or Adult and so many other prejudices I care not to name their parts.

What holds me in Gratitude, is Faith. A Faith that God exists and will prevail over the injustices of this country and world. Peace will once again settle in all of our bones and hearts.  Until then, I will continue to share the peace and love planted in my heart so long ago with all of those I meet through writing and art.

Peace. Shalom. Heiwa, Pace, Paix, Sholem, Beke, Pax, Paz, Frieden


Last Day on Earth – A Dream

I’ve been working on crafting a Dream I had last year sometime, and although it is not finished the essence of it is this:

My Last Day on Earth – A Dream

In the dream, it is my last day on earth. Friends and family are somehow gathered to a potluck to wish me farewell. It’s evening, and I’m waiting with the hostess at a house, circa 1950’s on top of a Town Mountain. As I wait in the house, I am pacing in a dimly lit dining room, walking and gazing out a bank of three windows. Everything in the house is either white, gray or brown. Pine wooden floors, white shiplap walls, brown antique wooden door. There’s a sense in me and others of peace and a knowingness that all is well. Being a woman of faith, I understand death is inevitable.

As friends and family gather bringing casseroles, beverages, vegetable plates, salads and desserts, they enter through the brown wooden door and place their dishes on a long white wooden dining table.  We look at each other and smile in silent reverence, as I continue to walk gently in front of the windows, and it dawns on me that this will also be the last sunset I will see here on earth.

Two of my daughter’s childhood friends come in with a magenta card and hand it to me. As I read the card, filled with reflections of what I’ve meant to them in their life, I notice it also contains $98. The $98 puzzles me and still is a questionable piece of this dream. Just as I finish reading the card, hugging and loving on them, I notice the light in the room begins to change to a glow.

An urgency rises in me to get to the bank of three windows to view my last sunset. This is how it appeared to me in the dream (I took this photo in 2011):

Sunset Shades at Max Patch

Feeling grateful to see these rainbow hues of my last sunset on earth, another question arises in me before the sun sets.  It is this:  “How do I wish to live or leave this day?”

©Anita Adams 2017