For Grayson and Lincoln (an ABC story)

Adam Ant and his

Brother, Benjamin were

Climbing a steep Hill when

Darren the Dog decided to join them on this Daring adventure to see

Edward the Elephant and his

Friend, Falalat to

Gather some Flowers for a

Huge Spring party at

Iris’ house and swing by

Judy Joy’s to pick up a

Kite for Flying along the

Laurel River when a Lady Bug named Lily decided to take a rest on a nearby

Magnolia Leaf when her sister

Nadine Lady Bug joined her to watch as

Oscar the Grouch came by and said to

Patty Petunia – let’s ask if

Qualle Qualla Bear would like to play a Quick game of

Ring around the Rosy until

Spectacular Bubblemaster, Steve comes with his Bubble Show at

Ten o’clock on Thursday in the Festive Park with the Tall Trees that sway like

Ursula’s skirt in the Wind – oh! and

Viola plans to bring her new Violin and play for us a song that’s so much fun to dance to! It’s called

Wang Chung Tonight

Xavier will bring his Xylophone and his Mom, Nita and his Aunt LiLi are cooking all his favorites for his special surprise party. A very special Chocolate Cake and his favorite…..

Yabras!!!! Mm Mm Mm! And the last surprise is ….

Zena Zebra will lead the parade with sister, ZuZu ! – Don’t Miss it!

© Anita Adams (aka Situ) 3/28/2022

Chocolate Covered Red Velvet Cake
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Mother’s Day

A day of remembrance of those who gave birth to us and those who gave birth to them and if we are mother’s ourselves, it’s a day where we remember giving birth to ours.


A few years ago, I wrote this poem and recited it for the first time ever in front of 50 people or so. The title is Love ’em Up.Molly at Max Patch

Love ’em Up

with hugs and kisses

listen to their wishes

no matter what they seem

no matter what their dreams

Love ’em Up

with hugs and kisses

teach them what you know

demonstrate your love by listening to them while they grow

Love ’em Up

Let them be children

play in streams, color, sing, climb mountains, swim the oceans, bruise knees

teach them to love themselves, to love others, no matter their ethnicity, religion or creed, no matter how they seem.

Love ’em Up.

©Anita Adams (Original 2015/Revised 2017)