Finding my way….

it’s been a long and winding road with lots of valleys and a few mountains

sunny days and cloudy days, stormy and snow covered

with moments of paralysis and days filled with miracles

living one day at a time is the answer to this life of mine

Invisible no more

hand in hand I dance with the Divine

~ Anita Adams 7/18/2020

circa 1980 why I chose to wear black

Wearing Black Anita


as a young woman to dress becomingly in the eyes of men invited unwanted EVERYTHING

i chose to wear black as a cloak of invisibility

wearing black sent a clear message about the wearer

who did not wish to

be seen


talked to

safety is paramount

wearing black allows the wearer to survive another day

has been traumatized

being seen is unsafe

in survival mode

black is safe, color is not

© Anita Adams 2017