Holidays and…


I must preface here, this is not something I normally choose to write about, however, I believe it needs to be said out loud and not behind doors – pull the splinter from my heart and let it heal

Holidays were fun as children

Days off from school

Playing with friends

Decorating the house with my Mom while listening to Holiday music

Cooking and sharing family recipes from our native Arabic foods, hoshwe, sfeehis, yabras and Mom’s famous chocolate pie

I never believed that our family could become so fractured once my parents were no longer hosting these events in their home and other homes were offered,

It’s happened

What is your resolution to this uncomfortable and painful situation?

What are the choices?

Mine, pray about it, say what I need to say and don’t say it mean.

A letter was written this morning reflecting my total disappointment and heartache

Decisions were made regarding my choice to participate separately from the entire family, and in small groups, when, where and with whom I choose to if I choose to, or to keep it very simple, and choose to celebrate with friends without drama

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